July 20th

21 07 2009

Im sorry guys… I haven’t been active.

Well, heres the random holiday for today:

Colombia’s Independence from Spain.

DECLARED JULY 20th, 1810



Ok, well, no new updates for today. 

For exactly 40 years ago Apollo 11 landed on the moon.


More Updates Tomorrow!


July 16th

16 07 2009


  • Chapter 2 of X is up!
  • Short Stories are cleaned up

Im going to work on Chapter 3 soon. Be sure to read RHPB! 

Please visit the forums I usually go on, PenguinHQ!

14th of July

14 07 2009

Ok, first off, Im going to be gone just about all day so I cant moderate anything. Secondly, I am working on Chapter 2 of X. I will also clean up the Short Stories page so that its easier to read. Please get the news around town! Thanks everyone, and check back tomorrow. I may post Chapter 2 if I finish it and if I have time.

Hey there!

14 07 2009

Hey, welcome to my blog! I post all sorts of stuff and my opinions on things. Check back every now and then to see what I say!